About Yoga Friends
For young minds and bodies

Yoga Friends brings yoga and mindfulness in a fun, engaging way to children in the Philadelphia area.

But why?

While it may be obvious that today’s adults are in great need of peace and relaxation, our children are suffering from packed schedules, pressure at school and home, and the inability to relax (to see resources on how yoga can help, visit the “For Parents” page!)  During Yoga Friends classes, I use asanas (or poses), magical meditations, art, and songs to guide my yoga friends through a trip to the jungle, an undersea exploration, a day at the farm, or another exciting adventure – the opportunities are endless!  The purpose of our imaginative journey is to to engage young minds and bodies while providing them with tools they can use to: deal with stress and anger, be kinder to one another, and become more mindful, happy individuals.

Yoga Friends at the Haverford Area YMCA

Yoga Friends Offerings
How can we work together?

I available to teach seven days a week, both during the day and evening hours.  Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes, but can be adjusted to accommodate particular needs.  Group size should be no less than four friends.

You may wish to incorporate children’s yoga into:

-Girl/Boy Scout Activities

-Sports Team Practices

-Birthday Parties

-Take Your Child to Work Programs

-Library Events

-Private Family Sessions (in your own home!)



To learn where Yoga Friends will be in the next few months, please visit my Classes and Events Page!Yoga Friends at Summer Camp


About Me
Courtney D’Avella, Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher

I completed my Yoga for Children Teacher Training in December, 2014 under the instruction of Gail Silver, J.D E-RYT, Maureen Heil, E-RYT and Anatomy Instructor, Heather Marie Miller.  This training has prepared me to guide children from Pre-K through 5th Grade to a place of relaxation through asanas (poses), magical meditations, and fun yoga related songs.  My regular yoga and meditation practice has provided me strength, perspective, and the ability to better manage my thoughts and emotions, and I am so excited to pass on these benefits to your children!

Courtney and her dog Abby