Celebrate your child’s next birthday with Yoga Friends!

Yoga Friends Parties are a fun and meaningful way to celebrate kids’ birthdays. I use games, breathing exercises, crafts and imagination to entertain the group and make the guest of honor feel special!

A Yoga Friends Birthday Party is for children ages 3 to 12, and consists of:

  • an hour yoga program for up to 15 children
  • a personalized theme, chosen from  a variety of options, by the guest of honor
  • a special gift for the birthday boy or girl

Location of the party is coordinated by the host. I will travel within 25 miles of Philadelphia.

If you’re interested in pricing and other information, please contact me!

 Miss Courtney brought the party to our house this morning and everyone had so much fun! The party began with warm up exercises, then we took a magical yoga adventure, then finished with a great craft. The entire program was appropriate to the range of ages in attendance (3 to 6 year olds). Miss Courtney did a terrific job of keeping the big kids captivated and moving, and re-engaging the three year olds as they wandered in and out of the program. Everyone had a lovely morning and we highly recommend Yoga Friends for your next party! Thank you!!

- Kate Kolbe, winner of the Spring Free Birthday Party Contest

Yoga Friends party